About Owner, Anna Annim-Wilson

Anna Annim-Wilson is the hair enthusiast turned makeup and wig stylist behind Lush Crowns. In 2008, she relocated from Ghana to America to further her education. Unfortunately, the Iowan college town did not have any salons that catered to her afro-textured hair. Therefore, she decided to research, care for and grow her hair, as well as create wigs to wear during the semesters.

This gave birth to Lush Crowns.

Anna has made 200+ wigs over her career and advocates for healthy hair underneath wigs. She does this by demonstrating her Wigs Grow Hair Regimen and teaching clients how to use wigs for this purpose. Anna's styled hair that has been seen at many notable events from the Alhassan bride MN 2019 to Kirsten Watson (wife of renown ex football player, Ben Watson) for 2018 Super Bowl.


About Lush Crowns

Lush Crowns LLC specializes in high quality, custom wigs. Wigs are made by the designer and owner Anna Annim-Wilson and are designed to fit exactly per provided specifications. Lush Crowns's mission is to provide beautiful, high quality beauty products that aid in improving the health of your God-given hair. An LC Custom Wig is a tool to aid in the growth and protection of your God-given hair.